The type of literature by placing collection location


A. What is definition of Imaginative literature ?

B. What is definition of Non-imaginative literature ?

C. What is Part of literature?

D. Why should we learn literature by David Lick ?


A. Imaginative literature is an imagination that shows production of writing. Imaginative literature usually refers to fictional story.

B. Non-imaginative literature is true to life or based in fact. It is based on a true story or a reconstructed biography. Even when the author claims the story is true, there may be significant additions and subtractions from the true story to make it more interesting. One of example: O’Brien’s The Things They Carried It is a series of historical fiction about the Vietnam War in short stories.  There is also some debate as to whether the narrative of non-imaginative literature may also be alotted into the imaginative literature slot.

C  Novel is a long narrative in prose which describes fictional characters and events. It usually has aesthetic features to readers in storytelling.

  • Poetry is a form of literary art which uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language to evoke meanings. Poetry lyrics express personal and emotional feeling.
  • Short story is a piece of prose fiction which can be read in a single sitting.The maximum word count of the story at anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000.
  • Drama is a written composition that tell a serious story to include plot, conflicts, emotions, action of characters, dialogues, and designed for theatrical performance.

D. Because an english major entails more than just being able to read and write well. It must also strive to understand and interpret the importance that various forms of literature have had on the society of the past and the present. The opportunities study literature in two different language help us to find similarities in two different cultures, and to also find that although literature varies in form and content. It is a central part of many lives. Besides it offers not only a chance to englighten a person but it also broadens horizon and perspective.

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